The Washington Post’s Disingenuous Poll Pushes Their Gun Grab Agenda

On Monday, the self-righteous sycophants at The Washington Post decided to add a little more darkness to American Democracy by conducting a deceitful poll that is designed to elicit the answers they want to push their preferred gun control agenda.   To add a little light to said darkness that The Post is promoting, let’s breakdown the poll and the problem with each question.

Requiring background checks for all potential gun buyers

The favorite talking point of the gun-grabbing left is that there aren’t background checks.  This is patently false.  Every gun purchased at a federally licensed dealer requires a background check.  Nearly dealers at gun shows are federally licensed, and perform background checks.  The only legal transactions that don’t require background checks are private sales or loans.  33 states currently do not have a law that requires background checks on private transactions, mostly because there is no enforcement mechanism for it.  As recently debated on Twitter bet…

Mass Shootings Must Stop, But The Left Has No Good Arguments

Like the cancerous growth on American society that it is, a mass shooting occurred again, this time in Odessa, Texas.  Everyone in the country is sick of this, horrified by this, and wants this to stop.  Nobody has a good answer.  As a pro-Second Amendment conservative who does not own a gun, I want to be swayed into believing that there is a magical piece of legislation that will end this epidemic.  Unfortunately, there is no legislation, but that will not stop the left from claiming that it exists. 

There must be an understanding amongst those who want to have an honest conversation about this issue that the right to defend yourself is constitutionally protected, and those that have not committed crimes or gone through a due process should not have that right taken away from them.  Like nearly every other right enumerated in the Constitution, the Second Amendment already has many limits.  Automatic guns were banned in 1934.  Advanced weaponry, like tanks or missiles, are illegal.  …

Pulitzer Finalist: Don't Wear Red Hats, Or Else You're A Nazi

In case anyone doubts the existence of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Pulitzer Finalist for Fiction Rebecca Makkai tweeted that people shouldn't wear red hats, regardless of what it says on them.
Is anyone else made really uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap? Like, I see one and my heart does weird shit and then I finally realize it only says Titleist or whatever. Maybe don't wear red caps anymore, normal people?

She even went further and said that even fans of sports whose team colors are red shouldn't wear their team hats.  "Not worth making disenfranchised people feel unsafe".  

As if that wasn't enough, she compared Trump supporters to Nazis, claiming that Hindus don't wear swastikas because it would offend/frighten people.  As a reminder, the reason that swastikas offend and/or frighten people is because the Nazi party systematically rounded up Jews hiding in attics and cellars, put them in cattle-cars, and gassed th…

The Left Doesn’t Take Climate Change Seriously

The G7 Summit in France ended with a Climate Change discussion that Trump did not attend.  Predictably, the Democrats and their political operative (a.k.a. The mainstream media), used this opportunity to exclaim that President Trump does not take the issue of Climate Change seriously enough.  The fact is, nobody is actually looking for solutions to climate change, rather choosing to wield this issue like so many others as a political club to bash the other side with.  
The Democrats do not take climate change seriously at all.  This is obvious in both action and policy.  Earlier this year, elitists from around the world gathered in Davos, Switzerland, to lecture the plebeians on how the planet is dying from excessive use of fossil fuels.  To show their commitment to the cause, one could assume that these world leaders and billionaires arrived in the most fuel-efficient way possible.  That very notion is laughable, as around 1,500 private jets landed in Davos for the summit.  The carb…

NORPAC, State Dept. Respond to Pro-BDS Resolution

Originally published August 15, 2019

In response to a bipartisan House resolution that sought to combat the anti-Semitic BDS movement, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) introduced her own pro-BDS resolution. The resolution has its allies and opponents. Counted among the allies are civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and two New Jersey Representatives, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ-12) and Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr. (D-NJ-10). Amongst the opponents of this pro-BDS resolution is NORPAC, who wrote an open letter to Rep. Lewis, and the Trump administration’s State Department, who made a move this week directed at the resolution. In the open letter, NORPAC’s national president Dr. Ben Chouake asked Congressman Lewis to withdraw his sponsorship of House Resolution 496. This resolution, deceptively titled as “Affirming that all …

The Left’s Most Shameful Week Since Covington

Originally published August 14, 2019

After the horrific massacre of innocents at the hands of not one, but two mass shooters last week, the nation had the opportunity to use the moment to come together. One shooting was by a white supremacist, the other by an Antifa-supporting socialist. While there is still a deep divide on how to address the problem, everyone should have banded together to universally condemn white supremacy and Antifa violence. That didn’t happen because there are too many who are willing to stand on the graves of the dead to score political points against President Trump. This egregious display is not the first occurrence of shameful reporting in 2019. In February, the top story in the country was about a group of MAGA-hat-wearing students from Covington Catholic School “harassing” a Native American man after the March for Life. The reality was quite the opposite.…

Gabbard co-sponsors Omar’s pro-BDS bill

Originally published August 14, 2019

(August 14, 2019 / JNS) In July, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) sponsored a Pro-BDS resolution in which she compared the State of Israel to Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa and other human rights violators. After public backlash the resolution was mostly forgotten; there wouldn’t be enough popular support for it to come up for a vote on the House floor, let alone pass Congress. However, recent co-sponsorships of the resolution should make pro-Israel voters sit up and take notice, while the Trump administration’s State Dept. is fighting back.

The resolution was originally co-sponsored by Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and co-sponsorships by other radical-left members of Congress, such as fellow members of “The Squad” Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), quickly followed.  Surprisingly, though, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi G…