Lack of Law Enforcement Means Gov’t Can Only Punish Law-Abiding

In a recent memo from acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Ken Cuccinelli, the Trump administration is making moves to limit immigrant welfare abuse by making the sponsor of legal immigrants financially accountable for the public-funding received by their sponsee.  This move, while useful in curbing chain migration, is a prime example that the only recourse left to a government unwilling to punish lawbreakers must instead punish those who will comply with government regulation.

“If the sponsored immigrant receives any federal means-tested public benefits,” Cuccinelli wrote in a USCIS memo, “the sponsor will be expected to reimburse the benefits-granting agency for every dollar of benefits received by the immigrant.”  While this may seem like harsh language, the deterrent is clear; don’t sponsor immigrants who are expected to be on the public dole.  The necessity of this is occuring after hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing our bord…

What the ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Could Actually Accomplish

In response to Pride Month, a group in Boston is planning a ‘Straight Pride Parade’, drawing a lot of criticism from the LGBT crowd.  The online backlash is predicatble, saying things such as "straight people do not deserve a parade, as they have never faced hatred", "straight people have every other month of the year, let the Gay people have this one", "the losers who are organizing the parade are evil."  However, those who do not have a dog in this fight may be swayed by this parade, because the backlash is shedding some important light on a subject that Pride Month tries to ignore.

Events and reactions similar to the ‘Straight Pride Parade’ are fairly commonplace.  There have been petitions and call for a ‘White History Month’ and an ‘International Men’s Day’.  Nearly every time someone posts anti-white racism or anti-male sexism on social media, there will be replies and comments that simply reverse the races or sexes of the statement just to magnify…

YouTube Cares More About Social Justice Than It’s Own Bottom Line

YouTube just decided to demonetize Steven Crowder’s channel unless he complies with their demands, namely to take down links to his T-Shirts.  They did this because a smaller, less popular Social Media personality, Carlos Maza, complained that Crowder was making “repeated, overt attacks on [his] sexual orientation and ethnicity.”  Maza then repeatedly accused YouTube of not caring about LGBT, which is one of the worst accusations that can be hurled in this divisive political atmosphere.  There’s one problem with his accusation.  They DO care, but they shouldn’t.

It’s easy to prove that they care about the LGBT community.  YouTube, owned by Google, is like nearly every other big tech company around.  They are all on the social left, which advocates and celebrates everything the LGBT community does, including dressing children in drag and forcing bakers to violate their own religious beliefs.  YouTube and Google have changed their banners and profile pictures to celebrate Pride Month. …

Palestinian Leaders Don’t Want Peace

Every American administration makes an attempt at peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  This conflict, which has been raging for decades, is the Holy Grail of diplomatic wins. The Trump administration is no different, as the administration begins to spread the word about it’s much lauded Mideast Peace Plan.  Bahrain will be the site of presenting the first phase of the plan on June 25-26, if there are willing participants in the event.  There’s only one problem that every plan will have to overcome if they want to be successful; that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and other leaders in the region have no incentive for peace.  

For 71 years, Israel has had a state.  Through the multitude of conflicts that ensued in the decades since the establishment in 1948, the borders have expanded and contracted many times; but the State itself remained intact.  In an alternate history, the Palestinian people could have also had a state for the past 71 years. They were given land by the same…

Appearance on The Josh M Show

This Sunday, I appeared on the latest episode of the Josh M Show. We discuss the 2020 election, Iran and much more. Listen here!

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The Faces of Anti-Semitism

This week, in an appalling display of anti-Semitism to the cheers of an elitist crowd, Steven William Thrasher lauded the BDS movement along with other anti-Semitic hate groups at an NYU graduation.  This underscores that there are many types of hate in this world, and the Jewish people must take care to call out each one.

The most dangerous type of hatred that Jews face is the existential threat of white supremacist or radical Islamist terrorism.  The last few attacks on Jews, such as the Tree of Life Synagogue of Pittsburgh and the Chabad of Poway, occurred because of the racist ideology of white supremacy.  The Jewish blood spilled in Israel and around the world by radical Islam is too much to quantify. 

There is a level of nefariousness to the other anti-Semites, the ones who smile and claim to be the sophisticates, the only ones who know what's really going on.  These people hide behind claims of compassion, and signal their virtue from their ivory towers.  That is who Steve…

The Media Smokescreen

Originally published May 15, 2019

The 2020 Presidential race is underway, with two dozen Democrats throwing their hats in the ring to oust President Trump. These contenders have hit the trail hard, with varying degrees of success attempting to separate themselves from the pack. To do so, they are taking policy positions on many issues. The media coverage, however, has been the never-ending rehashing of the 2016 election. This is because the media knows that balanced coverage of some of the key issues facing our nation is bad for 2020 hopefuls, as their proposals would either make the problems worse, or are nationally unpopular. Over the last few weeks, the singular focus has been the Mueller Report and the way it has been handled by Attorney General William Barr. Of course, this is an important story. The president of the United States was under investigation for two years at a cost of over $25 million to the…