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New York Will Learn The Wrong Lessons From Amazon’s Departure

Originally published February 20, 2019 Last week, after increased pressures and demands from leftwing activists, Amazon decided to pull out of building their second headquarters in Long Island City. This deal would have led to approximately 25,000 new, high paying jobs and $27 billion in tax revenue, at the cost of $3 billion in tax breaks. When Amazon pulled out of the deal, scores of leftwing politicians and pundits claimed victory: that working class New Yorkers were able to reject the largest company in the world. There are lessons to be learned from these events, but if the statements until now are any indication, New York will not learn them. When this deal was first formed, it received immediate backlash from both the left and the right. Both sides of the political aisle disliked the tax subsidies New York was offering to Amazon, but for different reasons. The conservat

When To Cheer For Your Enemies

Originally published on February 13, 2019 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus Share on LinkedIn Send email Print Last week, during President Trump’s second State of the Union address, there were a lot of clarifying moments. While the successes of the past and the visions of the future were being presented, a great disparity was rising amongst the calls for unity. The disparity was one of cheer and applause. Many moments applauded by the Republicans were met with Democratic silence. These moments, however, were far from partisan. Nobody should expect cheers from the Democratic side of the Chamber when the President denounces abortion or socialism, both of which he did to great effect. The Democratic Party has long since caved to their most extreme base regarding both. The abortion policies in New York and Virginia have been discussed ad nauseam over the past f

Democrat Extremists Become Democrat Centrists

Originally published February 6, 2019 Democrat Extremists Become Democrat Centrists By Moshe Hill February 6, 2019 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus Share on LinkedIn Send emai Print As the 2020 Democratic primary field gets more crowded, those who have entered the race, and others, have embraced the most leftwing positions of the Democratic Party. Republicans, for years, have been making the case that prominent Democrat presidents of the past, like JFK and Bill Clinton, wouldn’t have a place in today’s Democratic Party. With the direction the party is going, conservatives may soon add Barack Obama to that list. In a CNN Town Hall, Senator Kamala Harris was asked a question about health care. Harris not only pushed Medicare for All, a government-run program that would cost $38 trillion over ten years, but also said to eliminate pri

New York’s Abortion Law Is Immoral, Anti-Science, And Anti-Woman

Originally published January 30, 2018: Last Tuesday, on the anniversary of the controversial Supreme Court ruling on  Roe v. Wade , the New York State Legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act, to cheers from the voting Democrats. This bill, swiftly signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, drastically changes the abortion laws of the state, removing all restrictions from abortion at any stage of pregnancy, until the moment of birth. Only two Democrats voted against the bill, which was otherwise split along party lines. While the cheering crowd celebrated what they deem a victory for women, what they accomplished in reality was not only immoral, but also anti-science and anti-woman. The immorality of this law cannot be understated. Even by Democrats’ own standards, this is an immoral act, yet they willfully blind themselves to their own hypocrisy. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a

The True Sins Of The Covington Catholic Students

Originally published January 23, 2019 The March for Life is an annual march on Washington, DC, to advocate for the rights of the unborn. It has been occurring for 47 years, and drew approximately 600,000 people from all around the country last week. It was widely ignored by the media, who disagree with the pro-life position. This year, however, a story emerged from the March for Life that drew national attention. Former CNN anchor Reza Aslan’s despicable tweet The story was that a group of white, male, MAGA-hat-wearing, Catholic teenagers surrounded and mocked a Vietnam veteran Native American man named Nathan Phillips, who was banging a drum while attempting to get to the Lincoln Memorial. This story led both the Left and the Right to widely condemn the actions of these teenagers, ranging from calls to apologize to physical threats on them and their families. Along with the viral three-m

Why Jews Need Free Speech

Originally published January 9, 2019 This past week, the  UK Daily Mail , the  Jerusalem Post  and the Times of Israel ran stories about Dr. Lara Kollab, a former medical resident of the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kollab is of Palestinian heritage, received a degree at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, and has made numerous anti-Semitic statements on Twitter for the better part of a decade. The Cleveland Clinic and Touro College have condemned Dr. Kollab, who referred to Jews as “dogs” and asked “Allah to end the lives of the Jews,” via Twitter. Dr. Kollab joked about how she would give Jews the wrong medication. In 2012, Dr. Kollab lamented the assigned midterm by her college professor to watch a movie about the Holocaust and write a paper about it. She tweeted that she would be unsympathetic about the Holocaust. She wrote that she does not feel bad about the Holocaust because “the [people

New York Education Regulations Puts Jewish Schools in Crosshairs

Originally written December 13, 2018 In November, the New York State Education Department put forward new requirements to determine if nonpublic schools have met their defined standards of “Substantial Equivalency” of a public school education.   This is on the heels of the decision in April of 2018 by the New York State Legislature to give the Commissioner of Education the authority to inspect nonpublic schools to determine if their education is up to the defined standards. The Legislature defined educational expectations in § 3204 of Education Law.   However, they leave it up to the Education Department to decide how to calculate if a nonpublic school is compliant with the law.   This allows for the Commissioner “…be   the   entity   that   determines   whether nonpublic   elementary   and   secondary schools are in compliance with the academic requirements set forth” in the law.   So when Education Department, led by Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, released their regulations,