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Nazi Accusations Have No More Meaning

Originally published March 3, 2021   The annual gathering of Conservatives from around the country, CPAC, occurred this past week, and as usual, the trained eyes of the Left eagerly searched for weaknesses to exploit.  For a Party that thrives on conspiracy theories, this latest one is a doozy.  The story around CPAC is that the stage was deliberately designed to look like an obscure Nazi symbol no one has ever heard of. The Left, which likes to claim that conservatives fall prey to conspiracy theories like Q-Anon on a regular basis, gobbled this one up with a spoon.  The CPAC stage was apparently similar to the Odal Rune, which was used on the uniforms of the 7th Volunteer Mountain Division of the Nazi SS, which occupied a part of Yugoslavia during the war.  The symbol goes back centuries before that.  Anyone without a history doctorate in Yugoslavian history during the first half the 20th ce