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Congrats on the wins, GOP. Now comes the hard part

 Originally published November 4, 2021

Can Republicans Win In New York?

Originally published November 10, 2021 Voters shocked the political establishment last week when they elected Republicans to office in deep-blue Virginia and almost did the same in bluer New Jersey. The results for the New York City Mayoral race notwithstanding, the electorate in The Empire State may be ready for Republican leadership. The Mayor’s race went exactly as expected, with Eric Adams garnering two-thirds of the vote to win for the Democrats. Those looking to claim that there is no evidence of a bellwether turning towards the Right would be mistaken to simply look at this race. Throughout the city and state, conservative voices are being increasingly heard. The best example of this is out on Long Island, where the Nassau County GOP swept the ballot. Bruce Blakeman edged out incumbent Laura Curran for County Executive, and unknown Anne Donnelly demolished State Senator Todd Kaminsky in the

The Immorality Of De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate

Originally published November 3, 2021 Do you like your streets to be safe?  If there’s a fire, do you want it to be put out?  Do you like your garbage to be picked up?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have some problems. That’s because the NYPD, FDNY and the New York City Sanitation Department are all severely understaffed because of Bill de Blasio.  At 5 p.m. on Friday, the de Blasio vaccine mandate went into effect.  While many of the unvaccinated city workers got at least one dose before the deadline, at least 26,000 workers are staying home.  This includes at least 8,000 police officers, 3,700 firefighters, and 2,000 sanitation workers. On Saturday, a fire in a Washington Heights home had to be answered by a farther station because the local firehouse was one of the 26 shuttered houses.  The FDNY has asked firefighters to remain on their shifts until replacemen